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The Awakening

     "Thank you so very much for writing 'The Awakening.' My sister and her husband were just here and both read it. Dick said everyone young person in America should read it."


     "I really enjoyed your book that a friend gave to me 'The Awakeing,' it was excellent. I want two copies of the book so I can send them to my daughter and a friend."


     "My friend loaned me her copy of your book 'The Awakening.' I read and studied it so throughly and I appriciate your motivating insight on life. I am reading her copy for the second time and want to return it to her. Please send me a copy so I can learn more and perhaps share it with others."


     "Everytime I read your book 'The Awakening' I cry, I is so moving!"


Food Storage Made Easy, A Practical Approach

     "Bravo! Very well done! I am impressed by the breadth of the contents.

"Starting with the end in mind is being sensible. Making the meals now, and deciding what you will enjoy eating, creates a positive outlook. Getting the appropriate quantities of ingredients for what is chosen takes away the indecision of what to store.

"The book is plain talk. It is straightforward, understandable. The directions are doable. Makes sense! So easy I feel like I actually can do it!”

             --William Wallis


     "I have been doing food storage for 30 years and have bought many useful books; however, I find this book to be the most valuable for beginners or for those of us who have been storing food for years.  The size and simplicity of the book make it so easy to learn the information, what to buy and how to use your food storage. 

"It gives me suggestions for each meal and easy formulas to figure how much food I will need to store for a week, a month, 3 months or a year. I love the workbook style of this book, at the end of each section are empty pages to write my own recipes and how much food I will need for each.  And what I really like is the way it helps me organize my food storage so I really know what I need for the recipes my family will eat. I highly recommend this book!”

             --Jan Robinson


     "This simple and understandable approach to food storage makes us want to begin to build our preparedness pantry. To start in small but in complete increments of 30 days then build to 60 days then on to 90 days is great coaching. You have really made food storage easy!

"What is thrilling is that I am able to incorporate many of the menu items into our regular meal planning. As newlyweds we feel like we can do this! Thank You!"

             --Tennile Coello Villatoro


     "I've been working on my food storage for years now and was very delighted to finally find a book that taught me the correct way to figure out what the actual amounts were that I needed!  This book has made it so easy to be confident when I say "yes, I have enough food storage for three years!"  Thank you for giving us this priceless tool!"

             --Tricia Jenkins



Drying Fruits And Vegetables

     “We used to throw away fruit and veggies that were not used for meals. Now we just pop them in the food dryer.  
     It's amazing how large harvests of carrots, tomatoes, squash, and apples are now available to us during the winter for snacking, stews, soups, and pies. Partially damaged apples, apricots, and peaches now can be sectioned and dried to enjoy later.
     We dried an entire years supply of fruit, then hEireann proceeded to eat all the peaches. Sam's system will pay for itself over and over.”

             --Noel & hEireann


     “Sam's video on food preservation was excellent.  From picking the right fruits and vegetables to preparation, drying and then storing, this video has it all.  It was particularly helpful for me, who had little experience drying and preserving foods. The step-by-step process outlined was simple and easy to follow. 
     From what I learned, I have been able to store a great deal of dried produce.  I take dried fruit everywhere I go now as a quick snack.  Our tomatoes, that would have gone to waste, are now being stored and used in stews and soups.  I'm experimenting with all sorts of fruits and vegetables now.
     What always seemed like such a daunting task has been made easy and practical.  Thank you!”

             --J.D. and April


     “Now I dry everything I put my hands on, snacks, storage, and lots of food I have preserved without additives!  This system beats canning all to pieces!  The information is so complete that you can be an expert right away dehydrating foods like a pro, this is truly ‘Drying Made Easy’ plus it’s lots of fun for the whole family



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