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Meet Sam Spencer


Sam Spencer is an author, entrepreneur having built and sold three small businesses. He is an avid survival preparedness advocate.

Six months after he and his wife Patrice were married they had a year supply of food. For 40 years he has maintained and refined his food storage system evolving to a practical and efficient system he practices and teaches to others. His preparedness pantry program utilizes what you eat daily and integrates that into a successful long-term food storage program.

His latest book “Food Storage Made Easy, A Practical Approach” is helping young and old, novice and expert perfect their food storage while guiding them past obvious weaknesses.  Learn correct principals of food storage and with this knowledge adapt these principals with ease and simple flexibility.

  • Learn how to build and maintain the perfect food storage program.
  • Learn to adapt your daily menus into an everyday year supply of food.
  • Learn what to buy so you don’t waste money just filling space.
  • Learn how to use what you store.
  • Learn how to rotate with a simple master inventory.
  • Learn a system of food storage that will guarantee you will not run out of any item for your selected food storage term.


If you are an expert this system will point out the glaring holes

If you’re a beginner… learn where to start in a practical and efficient way.

Sam and Patrice reside in Bluffdale, Utah and harvest a “year supply” of fruits and vegetables season after season. He has taught workshops on Drying Fruits and Vegetables and Garden management. He has written garden management software to assist in planting a garden based on both space available and volume of produce desired.  Sam says; “You can provide 75% of your food needs from your backyard, it’s largely management!”






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