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Survival Of The Fittest Syrvival
Preparedness Tips Volume II

Cooking In An Emergency

You may be thinking that you that you have the necessary skills and supplies to cook for yourself and your family if a crisis hit. Chances are your skills and supplies would be sufficient for the short term, but not for a long term crisis. Learn from someone who has first-hand experience with dozens of cooking methods, cooking systems and cooking fuels.

What this book will do for you, the survival conscience:

␣␣␣␣Explain the pros and cons of popular and practical alternate cooking fuels.

␣␣␣␣Clarify which fuel is best for your personal situation.

␣␣␣ Teach you how to store, which to store and where to store
your fuels.

␣␣␣␣Help you calculate how much fuel you will need to store

␣␣␣␣Discover the positives and negatives of many popular and
practical cooking systems.

␣␣␣␣Learn how to identify which system is most suitable for your
personal Preparedness Kitchen.

␣␣␣␣Find out about various cooking methods that conserve valuable fuel.

␣␣␣␣Acquire the perfect Preparedness Kitchen ideal for your individual needs.

What Readers Are Saying!

"There is a lot of useful information in this book! It identified positive steps that I can take in refining my Preparedness Kitchen. The personal examples and case studies in the book are quite helpful and give me confidence in that the author knows his material. " — Brian

"I was pleased to find out that I already have a lot of the what this book taught me! The information in this book will now help me determine how much additional I need plus I now know where my holes are." — Heather

"I now know that when the power goes out I will be able to take care of my family!" — Neil

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Survival Of The Fittest
Survival Preparedness Tips Volume II
Cooking In An Emergency
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